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Wood, Steel, Stone, & Plaster Spa

A Vermont client invited us to be a part the renovation of his historic Georgian/Federal period Washington, DC home, specifically in the design and construction of sculptural components and a spa located on the top level of the home.

The client found two 8 by 10 foot slabs of marble at a Vermont quarry; he envisioned using them as a back drop for a meditative spa. During construction, the slabs were craned through a large skylight and mounted to an original brick wall that was structurally altered to withstand the weight of the stone. Mounted side by side, the book matched slabs set the stage for a room worthy of various natural sculptural architectural forms. Walls are clad in a stainless steel and cherry patchwork; floors are covered with slabs of slate and tumbled pebbles. The suspended ceiling canopy described as an ”oculus”, was fabricated from stainless steel, and coated with tinted plaster. Intertwined into the wall section above the jetted tub, are stone sculptures featuring water cascading over kerfed absolute granite.

Complex textures and experimentation with from and proportion create a true natural oasis in the center of the city. The many textures and points of visual interest are illuminated by a large roof window in the center of the suspended ceiling canopy, as well as a combination of recessed, wall mount, and floor lighting. Many lighting themes can be achieved, appropriately complementing various spa activities.

Stone sculpture: Christopher Curtis –Curtis Swenson Gallery – Stowe, VT

Architecture/design: Christian Zapatka AIA, Washington, DC

Design/plastering: Tom Kuepper / Pure Vermont Building Company – Stowe, VT