Focusing on the Budget

I specialize in working with clients throughout the design-development phase. It is at this early stage that we focus on value-engineering. By assembling bids from the area’s finest sub-contractors, we are able to produce meaningful budgets from two dimensional architectural plans. Keeping with a client’s targeted budget is my focus, and the time I spent up-front to value-engineer a project ensures predictable results throughout construction.


Project Accounting

Over the years I’ve developed clear and simple accounting methods that allow client’s to track their project’s during construction. Each account statement includes categorical: expenditures to date, percentage of work complete, percentage of work to be completed, and funds remaining. We are able to upload all project photos and budget information to a secure web site, affording client’s an organized portal from which to monitor their project from home.

The Building Process

In the past several years more and more clients have asked me to design what they want built.  Design / Build projects account for the majority of my business at this point in time. 

Working with architects and designers will forever be an important part of my building career.  It is through working with talented professionals in the design field that I am able to learn new details, methods and assemblies. 

No matter how a home is conceived, it is always beneficial for me to familiarize myself with the owner as early in the planning phase as possible, because this allows me time to value-engineer, plan, and create a project schedule which is guaranteed to save in the long run.  This means I can pour over the details long before the project begins, and look for ways to save time and money, as well as ways to personalize the project to a client’s needs.