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Personalizing a Deck House

This ski chalet had been in the owner’s family for over a quarter century. Over that time, the nuclear family unit had evolved. The husband and wife wanted to transform the home reflect their current lifestyle priorities.

The building program began as a modest master bedroom addition. Upon breaking ground, ideas began to flow; the result is a classic ski chalet with updated features bringing together the couple’s varied life experiences.

Sport, relaxation, entertaining, and work are four themes we focused on incorporating into the house. Ski and snowshoe storage was fabricated, paths to a stream and pond were constructed, a sauna capable of seating 18 adults was thoughtfully constructed out of red cedar, and a new home office/study was designed and built. Because both husband and wife work from home, time was spent designing and fabricating built-ins, and cabinetry to store office materials, as well as books, and art.

Playfulness in present in the home’s colors, forms, and systems. The hand-laid stone wall, circling the driveway entry, curves and sweeps with the natural grade of the landscape. Interior colors are soft and organic. Light fixtures bring a worldly feel, while hickory furniture pieces and white oak interior doors handmade in our wood shop evoke a deep richness in tone. The master bath is an area where the clients searched to find the perfect furniture and tile selections. This client’s happiness with the completed project is greatly influenced by having a hand in the design of details both large and small.
Energy efficient upgrades were made throughout including: higher R-value floor and wall insulation, hot-roof was constructed to correct years of ice-damming, mechanical system upgrades, chimney was re-pointed, re-flashed, and a new cap was poured.

Architecture: Tektonika – Stowe, VT